The company promotes the rapid development of the global new energy industry. In 2021, Smart Lithium wants to join forces with South Korea's Hyundai to jointly create a full ecological chain industrial layout for energy storage, from R&D and design of energy storage lines, chips, inverters, and BMS management systems to mass production.

Power (actual standard) 2000W
Rated capacity (actual standard) 2000Wh
Battery capacity (actual standard) 630000mAh
shell Sheet metal + painted shell
Product size (L*W*H) 400*280*300mm
Packaging box size (mm) 478*358*450mm
Net quantity(kg) 23.3
Gross weight (kg) 25.2
Batteries A grade ternary lithium 18650 battery
Display Vehicle Coulomb Display
BMS (overcharge and overdischarge prevention and high temperature control) Worthy
Pure sine wave (same as mains) output, efficient, stable and without damage Worthy
adapter 120W
car charging cable Optional
Solar panel receiving system Optional
Within 50 units ¥4480
Within 100 units ¥4400
More than 100 units ¥4380
Remark Safety stock within 10 units


Input Automotive grade electric core
1、AC AC input 220V 2000W Lithium iron phosphate 33140
2、PV MAX 500W Battery capacity: 2016Wh /630000mAh
3、Solar panel power/DC size 110W/DC5521 2000W pure sine wave
Applicable working environment temperature
4. Shell material Aviation grade aluminum Charging temperature: 0~40℃ (32~104℉)
5、Charging time 2Hs Discharge temperature: 0~60℃ (14~140℉)
6、Output waveform pure sine wave Storage temperature: 0~45℃ (-4~113℉)
Rated power: 2000W, maximum output peak 4000W Cycle life >2000 times (+80%)
1、 USB MAX 18W Packaging Information
2、AC AC output, 100-120W, 220-240W Product size: 400*280*300mm
3、Type-C MAX56W Packing size: 478*358*450mm
4、cigarette lighter 12V8A Peak 100w Net weight: 23.3KG, Gross weight: 25.2KG

5、Packaging accessories:
1) x 1 carrying x energy storage household owner’s mobile phone manual + 1 + x car-adaptive charging adapter (+ optional power distribution source) cable (about 1 meter

Double corrugated dangerous packaging cartons, meeting UN standards for sea and air transport.
Exclusive selling point: simple and elegant appearance