The company promotes the rapid development of the global new energy industry. From battery cell PACK, energy storage circuits, appearance design, inverters, BMS management system R&D and design to mass production, we will work together to create a full ecological chain industrial layout for energy storage.

Focused on energy design and research and development for 8 years, supporting OEM and non-standard customization.
Provide customers with safe, durable, cost-effective new energy charging and storage solutions and services, and become a driver of outdoor power supplies and charging piles.

Input Automotive grade electric core
1、AC AC input 220V /2000W Ternary lithium battery large cell
2、PV  MAX 500W Battery capacity: 2020Wh /530000mAh
3、Solar panel power/DC size


2000W pure sine wave
4、shell material Sheet metal + painted shell Applicable working environment temperature
5、Charging time 6Hs Charging temperature: 0~40℃ (32~104℉)
6、Output waveform pure sine wave Discharge temperature: 0~60℃ (14~140℉)
Storage temperature: 0~45℃ (-4~113℉)
Rated power: 2000W,Maximum output peak 4000W Cycle life >2000 times (+80%)


Packaging Information
2、AC AC output, 100-120V, 220-240V Product size: 410*230*230mmmm
3、Type-C MAX  65W Packaging size: 480*350*310mm
4、cigarette lighter 12V8A, peak value 100w Net weight: 20.6KG,Gross weight: 22.6KG
5.Packaging accessories 1 x portable energy storage host + 1 x adapter + power cord (approx.
1 meter) + 1 x user manual ++ car charging cable (optional)

Double corrugated hazardous packaging cartons, meeting UN standards for sea and air transport

Exclusive selling point: simple and elegant appearance, sturdy